2018 Vintage Updates

The Grape harvest is speeding along this year with no delay between the whites and the reds. The weather has been absolutely perfect and so no hold ups. There was panic in the air when the BOM told us to expect a visit from Cyclone Marcus this weekend, but thankfully he seems happy to just keep hanging off the coast near Broome.

The Malbec and Shiraz have been the early reds to come off with a bit of Shiraz still hanging out there. Next cab off the rank will be the Merlot and some other boutique varieties such as Tempranillo, Mourvedre and Cab Franc. The King of the wine grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon is usually one of the last to be harvested so we are still expecting it will be all squared away by the end of April.

Everyone is looking forward to firstly a good long sleep, and then to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

“Wine speaks to all the senses: the eyes behold the colour, tone, and shade; the nose, the bouquet, the fingers and lips caress the cool crystal; the ears delight in the subtle swishing of the liquid; the tongue rejoices in the reward of a rich harvest.” – Mary Lou Posch, wine lover.

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