Vintage Update 2021

Due to the cooler summer that also had more rain our harvest has had a slower start than previous years. This is has been fabulous for our vines. With the days warming up in the last couple of weeks we are all hard at work picking all the whites. We hope to be picking reds very soon but still have a long way to go. We will keep everyone posted via this publication, our Facebook page and web site, as well as the shire Facebook.

Until the last grapes are harvested, the fruit is particularly susceptible at this time to smoke taint. Please think about our harvest before you light up, and we hope that you will continue to exercise caution when you plan to do those pre seeding burns. We appreciate your consideration of our crop. If you require any further information on smoke taint or the harvest in general, please don’t hesitate to call Sandy on 08 9855 2229 or Chris 0427775737

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