About the Region

The Frankland River wine region is home to some of the oldest vines in Western Australia.

The first of the modern day vineyards were planted on the Roche family property in 1967, now leased by Houghtons Wine Company.

Between the 1960s and 1980s, a number of very small family vineyards were established. Of the more significant were Alkoomi, who first planted in 1971 followed soon by Frankland Estate and Old Kent River.

During the early 1990s interest in vines grew and today the region has some 1,600 hectares under vine (making it one of the biggest wine regions in the state) supplying many wineries around the state and producing grapes for some of Australia’s most iconic wines.

As one of the most distinctive viticulture areas in Australia, Frankland River’s flavour comes from the ironstone based gravel soils lining the river valleys and rolling hills.

The cool nights and warm days with long sunlight hours provide a true Mediterranean climate giving the wines intensity of fruit, finesse, freshness and longevity. With dedicated and innovative winemaking, it is easily to see why the wines are award winning.

Wines from the Frankland River Region as sold around the world and are increasingly being recognized for producing the state’s best shiraz and riesling amongst other varietals.